TJ40-G1 Turbojet Engine

A small turbojet engine TJ40-G1 has been developed for gliders, bigger modeller aircraft and some UAV's. The engine has been awarded by a prestigious journalistic award at IDET 2015 exhibition in Brno, the Czech Republic.
TJ40-G1 turbojet engine in a new development in our turbojet engine line.

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TJ40-G1 turbojet engine is a single-shaft turbine engine with a single-stage radial compressor, annular combustion chamber, single-stage axial turbine and diffuser. The output of power generator is 200 W and 12 V.

Thrust: take-off (max. 5 min.) 395 N 88,8 lbf
Fuel consumption max. 1230 ml/min. 41.6 fl oz/min.
Generator power output 12 V - 200 W 12 V - 200 W
Dimensions and weight    
Outside diameter 147 mm 5.8 in
Lenght 305 mm 12 in
Weight of the engine
(w/o accessories)
3,2 kg 6.6 lb
Weight of accessories 0,2 kg 0.44 lb
Other data    
Max. EGT 780°C  
Suction amount of air 0,78 kg/sec.  
Revolutions max. 98 000 min.-1 98000 RPM
Fuel kerosin/diesel  
Lubrication 3% oil in fuel  


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